linkedin introduction

An Introduction to LinkedIn

linkedin introductionLinkedIn is a medium that is used by people all over the world. This is a great way to use the growing use of technology to something that can be very useful.

For instance, this is a platform used to make networks and bond with people who may have gone to the same school as you, or applying to same job or if you are someone who is looking to hire someone you can find resumes and their education all on here through their profile.

This is a great way to get or find a job if you are looking to hire someone or are wanting to get hired. People who are just wanting to form connections or get an idea of what others who have their degree are working with, again this is a great medium to look at for some help.

This is something that is used be hundreds and thousands of people making it a lot more fun and worth trying out. If you are someone who is wanting to do any of the things that I have listed above it is time that you create your very own account.

Getting an introduction to LinkedIn is very simple. You just want to firstly make an account. Make an account under your name and also do not forget to include an email address that you normally use when applying for jobs.

You want it to be professional, so that it ends up leaving a great impressions. Silly one’s can be excused because that does not set up a convincing profile for you. Later, you also want to save up a picture that represents you well.

Just make sure that it is not a selfie, or anything that does not seem formal or represent you correctly. The best would be to stand behind a plain background, wear formal work clothes and look well put together and smile.

This will showcase that you are friendly, organized and you know what it takes to take responsibility you want to make them see that you are mature for the position that they possibly may offer you.

Making an account here is perfect because a resume is very flat, you cannot put too much information on there, but with this they also get to see a face to the picture making it more personal and giving you a better shot at getting the job.

Getting an introduction to LinkedIn is very simple and really only requires you to follow a few quick and simple steps. After you are done following those you are good to go.

You then just want to request to follow people you know, or are in the same program or university as you, so that you can from there start building up connections.

You also want to ensure that all the information you write about yourself is accurate and not too detailed, but also not too brief, just enough so they understand and get a jist about your education and previous experience.