Four Reasons To Take Advantage Of LinkedIn!

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2018)

reasons to use LinkedInFour Reasons For You To Create A LinkedIn Account For Your Small Business

Working On Building A Brand

When you meet someone in person at a promotional event and you introduce yourself, it is likely that they will go and look for you on the Internet. A profile on LinkedIn will help people find you and get a sense of who you are, so you should get an account if you do not already have one. In order to boost your credibility, you should add rich media features, like sales sheets and presentations.

You should look at your profile as a great representation of you as a professional that will allow others to connect further. One thing you must remember is that speaking in first person tense is a must since it will give readers the impression that you are talking to them directly. This will keep them engaged and encourage them to connect with you.

Taking Advantage Of Free Marketing

LinkedIn company pages are a free and effective way to market your business to others. While it should not be used as a replacement to your site, it is a useful supplement. Small business owners who choose not to build company pages on LinkedIn are losing out on the opportunity to spread the word and increase their customer base.

One way that your company can increase it’s image would be to work hard to build a solid search engine presence. You can do this by using the best possible keywords and phrases on your page. These are the terms that people will use when they are performing searches. For example, if your company sells orthopedic shoes, keywords like, “men’s orthopedic shoes” and “orthopedic shoes for ladies” will be very helpful. Use a tool like Google Adwords or SEMRush to figure out what the best keywords would be.

Extended Your Sales Reach

People in your network on LinkedIn can help you make more sales. You have to build your network and work on making the best possible connections. Vendors, co-workers and people you have met at events are a good start.

Using the advanced search feature on LinkedIn, small businesses can find out who they should connect with, figure out which current relationships can open up new doors and reach out to the best possible people. It is not all about who you know; who they know matters as well. That is one of the best things about LinkedIn: You have the chance to make connections and build your brand through word of mouth.

Attracting The Top Talent In Your Industry

If you are looking to attract new clients, LinkedIn is the place where the wise ones begin their search. Small business owners should have a personal profile or company page that will help them build their brand. If you are looking for top talent, you must have a page that is in line.

Those who are looking for new people to hire for their company can post job listings and search the site for potential candidates. Searching for candidates on your own means that you will have the chance to handpick the type of person that will fit the position you are trying to fill, reach out to them and lead them to your job listing.

The biggest error a small business owner can make would be to ignore all of the features LinkedIn has to offer. Whether you are just getting started or you have more experience, LinkedIn is a great resource for anyone that is looking to give their small business a much-needed boost.

Now that you have all of this information available to you, there should be no reason to hesitate any further.

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