HideMyAss Review (Is It REALLY Worth It?)

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2019)

Have you ever been connected to an unsecure Internet connection and wondered if anyone was spying on what you were doing?

Personally this thought had never even crossed my mind until I found out someone keylogged some of my passwords while browsing the web in my local coffee shop. (for real!)

Experiences like this are rampant and this is led me to analyzing Hide My Ass private network. Before getting into my review you will find the latest promotional offer through the link below. And how about we get down to it already!?

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Now Let’s Continue With The Review…

With more and more people using the Internet these days, there are just so many opportunities for thieves and hackers to take advantage of unsuspecting users. My eyes really opened up to this fact when I experienced this first hand and had my bank account cracked by a hacker.

I lost about $1,700 and with absolutely no recourse. My bank investigated the situation but wound up not being able to help me out in the end.

After that I decided not to take any chances with my online information and always encrypt my Internet connection.

After some thorough research I discovered that being able to anonymously encrypt your IP address was a crucial step to safe browsing on connections with potential threats(e.g. public WiFi spots).

I tried a few services first before I stumbled upon the HideMyAss VPN and decided to test it out for a month.

This is definitely the most professional and quality IP masking service available. I was attracted to the site by how bold their company name is and they definitely back it up with some outstanding products.

They actually offer 7 different tools on their website hidemass.com, and of these 7 tools 6 of them our 100% free. You’ve got a web proxy, IP: port proxies, file/image upload, anonymous emails, link anonymizer, and anonymous search, all for free.

The tool that many people decide to pay for is the Hidemyass Pro VPN service. Basically this tool allows you to access a virtual private network and use the Internet different IP addresses all over the world. It tunnels and encrypts your actual IP address and not just your browser like most of the other services out there.

Enjoy this Hidemyass review and remember to always protect your private and valuable information when connected to a public wifi hotspot.

And if you don’t have access to a service that can help you protect yourself, you might just want to wait until you get home or you find a safe connection.

HideMyAss Pro VPN Review

Lets get down to business, there are many different uses for a service such as HideMyAss, and I was mainly using for security. I also used the VPN network for some of my web development work. The service allowed me to create profiles and comments that appear 100% natural to visitors and search engines.

One of the biggest things people use the service for is to access media on U.S. servers while outside of the U.S.. If you live in a location with limited availability to sites like hulu.com or Netflix.com, than you can use HideMyAss to access the nearest server node and watch whatever you like.

Is the Hide My Ass Pro VPN worth the monthly cost?

Yes this service is most definitely worth the asking price. You can purchase a subscription for either 1 month, 6 months or 12 months and I would recommend at least going with 6 months. The prices break down to $11.52 per month for the 1 month, $8.44 per month for the 6 month, and $6.55 per month for the 12 month subscription.

Also be sure to bookmark our review and check back soon for an available HideMyAss Coupon or Discount. If one becomes available we will be sure post it up top!

Overall performance and functionality of HideMyAss

Over my lengthy test of HideMyAss the VPN performed extremely well. There was one hiccup along the way where I was disconnected from HideMyAss but I reconnected with no problem and got back in business. Your Internet connection isn’t quite as fast when connected to the VPN but it still gets the job done.

It really depends on the server you are connected to and how much bandwidth you are trying to push. HideMyAss recommends that you connect to the server closest to your geographic location so the information has to travel the shortest distance possible.

Its really crazy when you connect to a foreign server and do a quick Google search. You will see wildly different results come up in the language of the location.

The Added Layer of Security and Protection

Anonymously encrypting your Internet connection is definitely an added layer of security. With firewalls in place and other protection software, a hacker or network spy really has no way of attacking you.

They require your specific IP address in order to access your system and with the encrypted IP they can only see the HideMyAss server IP giving them nothing to work with. If you are serious about your security or forced to work on unsecure networks than HideMyAss is definitely the perfect tool.

Working with Internet based applications

During my test of HideMyAss Pro VPN I used a few Internet based applications to make sure there were no compatibility issues. First I used an application for submitting homework to my college through a server on the other side of my country(US) and didn’t have a single issue with it.

The great thing about this service is the VPN. With other service you are routing through a web proxy and will have trouble configuring with most applications but with HideMyAss you can do anything from P2P file sharing to online gaming.

Switching connections

If you need to switch IP addresses frequently than you will have no problems with the VPN. You can actually set HideMyAss to change the connection on a scheduled time interval.

For example you could have the VPN changing connections every 3 minutes and not have to stop and waste time changing the connection manually.

Speed and Bandwidth Limitations

You should be pleasantly surprised with the speed of HideMyAss. Taking into the account the extra distance the information must travel the network is incredibly fast.

When I first found HideMyAss I was worried about limitations on bandwidth but I quickly found out that you can push the service as much as you’d like. The network is powered by a GigaBit server which ensures great connectivity.

The bandwidth will allow you to download files and do just about anything that requires a nice chunk of bandwidth.

Web Proxy vs VPN

                                                             Web Proxy           VPN

Protects your anonymity                                          Yes                Yes

Access blocked websites                                          Yes                Yes

Encrypts all traffic                                                        No                Yes

Works on any application                                         No                Yes

No advertisements                                                      No                Yes

Works with file sharing                                               No                Yes

Difficult to block                                                           No               Yes

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