Local Businesses and Linkedin

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2018)

linkedin for small businessesLinkedin is a platform for executives, professionals, and businesses and their owners to not only showcase their resumes, but to showcase the value proposition of the business and how they deliver their product to customers and solve problems.

With Linkedin at your disposal, you have the person that you need to talk with in order to make a connection to see if your product or service will fit what his needs are.

Local businesses form sort of a loose bond of crusaders when all of the smoke clears because a local community has an economy all its own. This economy can be a vibrant and ongoing one where it will grow when the conditions are right and supportive. People generally like to business on a local basis because it is easy to get familiar with local people and convenient to continue in that vein.

Local business can mean a small community, and it can mean a larger area in a larger metropolitan area, but local is more compatible to most business people simply because it is easier.

Linkedin gives us the ability to contact people in a very professional manner by reaching out with your value proposition, and stating what you have. One good way of doing that is by forming or joining groups in areas where you specialize according to your product or service. When people see what you do, you will get inquiries and referrals.

When you put your profile onto Linked in you become very transparent fairly quickly, and people will gravitate to you based upon their needs and what they see in your profile. Also you can get reviews of your service which will help people get to know more about what you do.

The ethic of Linkedin is that of a community of people that have the ability to share abilities for the common good of all. For the purposes of marketing your firm and business it really works because all of the other people on linked are people just like you in that they are also marketing themselves and their goods and services.

One tactic that many Linkedin subscribers have taken to heart is to hire a Linkedin coach, or a person who knows their way around the system. In that way you can use all of the available bells and whistles of the system to make yourself stand out (click here) from the crowd so you can gain a following that is real and vibrant.

Right now there are over 130 million business owners who are on Linkedin and that includes many local business owners, many in your own community, or in communities which are nearby who would probably be interested in what it is that you do, if they only knew a little more about you.

And there is one thing about the community on Linkedin, the more your services get used and recommended, the more that they will be used and recommended. That is not just idle chatter, but it is fact and certainly worth shooting for and implementing.

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