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(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

Best Web Site Hosting and Domain registration reviews

Want to build a web site? Get the best web hosting for it.

Make a comparison of Web Hosting and Domain registrars and take advantage of the many discounts that can be found all over the internet for several of the different hosting companies.

Many people get confused with many details hosting companies offer. In this review I will help you get things much more simpler if you want to build a website or a blog.

Check on the latest promotions and discounts in many web hosting providers.

When choosing a new website hosting plan, there are at least a few considerations that you must look for in order to get a good, reliable hosting account.

In this article you can find some of the best options in buying a domain name, a hosting plan and even website design.

Also I will show you the “pros” and “cons” for paying a dedicate hosting just for your site, using a free one, shared hosting, VPS hosting even reseller hosting plans.

Free is free but is it better?

If you made a search on Google about hosting plans for websites, no doubt that you encounter thousands of pages about this matter.

Also many providers offers a lot of tools for the ones that don’t know much about website building, but want access to easy tools that help in designing a website with a professional look.

Many free website hosts offers a lot, the downside on some of them is the number of web pages you can build, advertising on your pages and most of the times you are limited with the amount of uploads for example.

Also the size usually is not that big to host all your content.

Still, if you just want a simple web page for personal usage, then free is the way to go, but if you want to get your own domain, those same free web hosts also offers premium access where you unlock many options.

Have in mind this article, is mainly for people that are relative new on the web hosting industry. The “pros” already know very well where to get their new domains, the best hosting solutions and so on.

Domain registration and hosting solutions

HostGator is a hosting company that has won many awards over the years. They have also been in the hosting industry for along time now.

They have thousands, if not, millions of sites using their services and have been considered number 1, when you need a stable hosting server.

They offer shared hosting, which is very reliable, dedicated hosting if you want to have more control of your web site and hosting, a reseller service and they use cPanel, one of the most trusted control panels in hosting industry.

Installing new scripts, plugin’s and so on, is very easy using cPanel.

They are currently going on a 20% off discount in all of their services. Prices from a shared plan go from $3.96 per month on their 3 years plan on the basic hosting, to $10.36 per month on their premium hosting plan if you choose the 3 year plan.

In their dedicated hosting plans, they offer Linux and Windows servers plans, like many other hosting companies.


They have 4 dedicated hosting plans with prices ranging from $174 to $274, on any plan they are taking $100 off for the first month on their Windows servers. If you prefer Linux, prices range from $139 to $299.

The servers come with Intel Xeon quad core, 10TB bandwidth with the only differences between plans is the amount of RAM, Hardrives amount and space and CPU types according the plans and OS you choose.

If you are looking for a reliable web hosting, with great support, many different options, HostGator will deliver.

And if you do not like GoDaddy, then try BlueHost. They also have some great coupons, and I have them listed here https://s3.amazonaws.com/bluehost-promo-coupon/

Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting – What to choose?

Many hosting companies offers both services. If you plan doing a small web site then probably a shared hosting solution is enough.

Still, if you plan to make a big site, and are looking for more features a dedicated hosting is the best, but also, more expensive.

A shared hosting, or virtual hosting, shares the space on the server with other websites, there are a few problems with this. First all those web sites will have the same IP address, so you might end up with a bad neighboring.

Imagine that on that shared server, you have spammy sites, or sites that do not have a good reputation on the web and search engines, you might get penalized just because you are using the same IP address of those sites.

Also, if there is a lot of demand in traffic, the server tends to slow down, and you can also be limited by the size of the bandwidth you are allowed.

On a dedicated hosting, you own your own server, this means, only your site will have a unique IP address.

This kind of hosting solutions are also the most expensive, usually used by business owners that want to have a more secure site, like for example, use a SSL encryption where sales and credit cards might be at risk.

This allows also for easy FTP access, better bandwidth, and probably less server crashes since only you can upload your CGI scripts.

If it crashes then you only have you to blame. You have much more control over your web site and your hosting in these kind of plans.

Always check the terms of service of any hosting provider you choose, see the kind of sites they allow.

Also, you can start with a cheap shared hosting, and move to a premium solution if your site demands, increase in traffic, storage of files, etc.

GoDaddy – Domains and hosting services

GoDaddy is probably the number 1 “all in one” solutions company in the world. They offer everything you might imagine in terms of web hosting services and many different kind of plans.

One of the main reasons they are know is by the many discounts they offer.

Every month GoDaddy releases new discounts for domain registrations, hosting solutions, discounts over a certain amount spent, etc.

Here you will find so many features that it can even be a bit overwhelming.

They have dedicated hosting solutions and virtual solutions, but with a tweak, in many of their plans, they put a limit on most of the shared solutions to avoid many of the problems that I referred before.

At GoDaddy, you can register a new domain name, set your hosting plan, and take advantage of the many products they have in their store.

With all this, you can even get a great discount on your orders, be that for new customers or renewal customers.

If you are new to the web hosting, then probably you might want to take advantage of the domain names registration.

GoDaddy offers the most lower prices and you can choose many variations, (.com, .net, .org. biz, etc). If you are ready to upgrade or get new tools for your hosting they have a great support team and many solutions to choose from.

GoDaddy reseller plans, are also pretty good. Been a reseller, they offer you a full web site ready to sell their products under your brand.

Many new domain hosting companies have been showing up in the market, but many, are resellers from GoDaddy.

Don’t think this is bad, in fact they have a very stable service and also they have many different plans and offers for you.

If you already have a web site, or you want to expand your online business, this might be for you, in a way, there is a lot of competition but you are free to market your business as you like.

Also by choosing their products at the set prices, it can be a very profitable solution.

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